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Russian Colleges database contains over 1,000 russian higher education institutions. You can search for a particular school, study focus, region or city:

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Russian College Glossary

Here's a short glossary of terms. Russian educational system is different from American, it has no analogs in the world.

Academy Originally thought as Military schools, Academies are now evolved as strong higher education organizations. The most famous Academy of them all, The Russian Academy of Sciences, is one of the strongest Research organizations in Russia.
Conservatory Schools that provide high education in Music are called Conservatories.
Humanitarian Colleges that provide degrees in Arts, History, Languages and other non-technical sciences.
Institute An equivalent to College. Insitutes can be educational, as well as state or private research centers. Often provide education in applied disciplines. Although stronger theoretical and scientific education can often be obtained in Universities, one can find a good number of world-known well-respected Russian Institutes.
Pedagogical Colleges that provide degrees in Teaching and Education.
Polytechnical From poly- which means many. Typically College where many tehcnical disciplines are studied, such as Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, etc.
State (University, Institute, etc.) College that is funded by the State or regional government. State Colleges are typically the strongest educational institutions in Russia. It is generally more difficult to get accepted into the State college. State colleges pay tuition to their students.
University Main centers for research and education. Universities are the oldes and most highly thought of institutions of higher education in Russia. Some Universities evolved into large, complex, often multi-college organizations. Although main universities are financed by the state government, a good number of private Universities now exists.

russian colleges

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