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Travelling to Russia can be the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is Moscow - the arrogant, western-like capital with its cathedrals, museums, traffic and a cloud of former superpower still above it, or the Northern Jewel - St. Petersburg, or the Golden Ring, or Siberian trails, Russia is ready to provide the world travellers with unforgertable sites. Russian Travel is fun!

Holy Russia: Past and Present

To get the feel for rural, country-side Russia you need to go to the North from Moscow as far as so called Golden Ring of Russia Ancient Towns - Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma and Yaroslavl, where you still could find almost untouched beauty of Old Russia with all of its hoary Churches and Monasteries. In fact, you even don't need to go so far, for you could discover signs of Holy Russia presence and of it nowaday resurrection in Sergiev Possad some 70 km from Moscow and even in Moscow itself....

Meanwhile, you yearn to learn more of Russia and of its long history. You probably know that it was growing up century after century alongside the Great Russian Rivers such as Dnepr, Volga, Moskva-river, Yenisey, Ob and Amur. Now you can trace back most of Russia almost 2000nd years history in several days traveling aboard of a comfortable cruise liner. You could even go by water as far as St.-Petersburg, the former capital of Russian Empire to see for yourself its unfading imperial glory. Click here to find cruises to Russia.

Traveling to Russia

You can get to Russia by pretty much all means of trasportation, including major airlines, train, by ship or by car. For accomodations in Russia and other CIS or Eastern-European countries, go to Airports in Russia, Hotels in Russia.

Extreme Travel - Space Adventure

This is the altimate adventure, available to the luckiest few in the world. Would you like to fly a russian fighter jet plane? Yes, it is true, you can fly a legendary MIG or Sukhoi right above the Kremlin walls. And if you finally with to leave the Earth, Space Adventure program is something you may have dreamed about all your life!


russian travel

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