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Russian Geography

As the largest country in the world, Russian has a very diverse geography. Northern Russian extends into the Arctic Circle. This area is primarily tundra, and covered by forests, with thousands of rivers and lakes.

From Eastern Europe to Nothern Asia Russia spans 11 Time Zones.

Climate ranges from temperate to Arctic continental. There are areas of Russia on the northern borders that are always covered with snow, but most areas have standard summer and winter seazons. There are areas in the South that will only see snow once or twice a year.

Russia has many mountains. The largest are:
  • The Ural mountains - cover 2,500 miles of eastern Russia
  • The Caucasus mountains -they cross the southern part of Russia, from the Black Sea to the Caspia Sea
  • From the western boarder to the Ural mountains is the North European Plain. This is a large rolling plain with rich soil and grasslands.

    Three quarters of the Russian population lives in the cities and towns of western Russia.

    Land usage: 10% arable, 45% forests, 5% meadows and pasture, and 40% other, including tundra.

    russian geography

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