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Warsaw Pact

Also known as Warsaw Pact, Warshaw Pact, Warsaw Treaty

Warsaw Pact of 1955.

On May 14, 1955, on a conference of european nations for Peace in Europe, 8 countries created a historic agreement that later played a major role in escalation of Cold War. It was signed by the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and German Democratic Republic (East Germany), and was ratified on June 5 1955. It was a document of non-aggressions and required each country to provide military and economic support to members of the Pact in case of military aggression against any of its members.

An Organization called the Eastern Bloc was formed, headed by Political Consulting Committee that was responsible for both military and non-military operations in Europe and later in the world.

It was a logical step in order to keep peace in Europe and create an alternative to the forming of Western Bloc, started by Paris agreement, signed in 1954 by countries of Western Europe, that also allowed militarization of Western Germany and its acceptance into NATO alliance, created in 1949.

In 1962 Albania stopped participating, and in 1968 left the Eastern Bloc organization.

In 1985 Warsaw agreement was extended for another 20 years.

In 1990 East Germany left the organization after the collapse of Berlin Wall and reunification with Western Germany.

NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries never engaged each other in armed conflict, but fought the Cold War for more than 35 years.

Warsaw Pact was abolished on July 1 1991 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

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