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Russian Newspapers

Russian Newspapers

Below is a list of major Russian newspapers. Most newspapers in Russia are independently owned, although they may be controlled by groups in power. Newspaper syndicates are an unusual event, unlike in US. Therefore it is quite common to see a variety of opinions and news commentaries published in different newspapers. Tabloids, or "yellow press", are also quite common, most of them are not included in this list.

Russian Newspapers

Argumenty i Fakty Moscow Russian 
Business & FM ... Russian 
Bol'shoj Gorod Moscow Russian 
Bryanskoe Vremya Bryansk Russian 
Ezhednevnye Novosti Vladivostok Russian 
Finansovye Izvestiya Moscow Russian Moscow Russian 
Gazeta.Ru (English) Moscow English 
Izvestiya Moscow Russian 
KMNews.RU Moscow Russian 
Kommersant Moscow Russian 
Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) Moscow Russian 
Krest'yanskie Vedomosti Moscow Russian 
Literaturnaya Gazeta Moscow Russian 
Moscow News Moscow English 
Moscow Times Moscow English 
Moskovskie Novosti Moscow Russian 
Moskovskij Komsomolets Moscow Russian 
Nezavisimaya Gazeta Moscow Russian 
Novaya Gazeta Moscow Russian 
Pravda Moscow Russian 
Pravda - English Version Moscow English 
Pravda - Portuguese Version Moscow Portuguese 
Prima News - English Version Moscow English 
Prima News - Russian version Moscow Russian 
Respublika Tatarstan Kazan Russian 
RIA Novosti Moscow Russian 
Rossijskaya Gazeta Moscow Russian 
Russia Journal Moscow English 
Russia Today Moscow English 
Russia USA English ... English 
Russia USA ... Russian 
Samara Today - Russian Version Samara Russian 
SF-Online ... Russian 
St Petersburg Times St. Petersburg English 
Trud Moscow Russian 
Vechernaya Moskva Moscow Russian 
Vedomosti Moscow Russian 
Vek Moscow Russian 
Vladivostok Vladivostok Russian 
Vladivostok News1 Vladivostok English 
Vremya i Den'gi Kazan English 
Vremya Novostej Moscow Russian 

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